Event Offline-Online Storytelling

Organizing an event and gathering the right crowd takes a lot of energy. Telling a great live and post-Story involving transmedia contents is a powerful way of keeping the conversations on and triggering cooperations that will last beyond your closing ceremony.

Trainings & Hybrid games

We believe in autonomy as a driving value to make your work meaningful, driven by knowledge, know-how and creative productions. That is why we have crafted a unique series of both printed and digital games to help you experience new powerful and agile ways of working & learning in the era of the Internets.

Word-of-mouth Communication

The oldest way throughout History that humans have been using to communicate and build trust with their peers is not advertising or public relations: it is word-of-mouth communication. And this is what we do, leveraging the lattest Internet technologies.

Online Listening

We believe that authentic conversations cannot emerge without the proper listening skills and attitude. That is why we harness the power of datavisualization and qualitative analysis to listen to 100,000s of conversations on the topics that matter to you, thus identifying niche trends, interest groups and great potential contributors for your projects.


We are a network of independant consultants with the values and experience of a co-op enterprise. You can read more about the experience we have had while building our p2p community in our manifesto.

Projects and Clients

During the past 4 years, we have been working with more than 60 clients in France, Spain, Mexico, Belgium and Germany: SMEs social enterprises, social business and CSR departments of big corporations, public institutions (European Commission, French Ministries for La France S'Engage).